Wednesday, August 1, 2007

More Delta Horror Stories

This is amazing-I've only had this blog up for a few days and the Delta horror stories are pouring in. Here are two from the latest batch:

The first one is from Miss "O"

Spending a weekend in prison is the only thing that this experience at JFK airport compares to. Evil has a face here and her name is Eileen Faraon, Delta Supervisor at JFK. Eileen's function apparently was to make everyone's life miserable on the evening on 7/21/06. Our flight to SFO was supposed to leave at 5:30 pm. There was a storm in the New York area however and the flight was delayed until 7:30. Then it was delayed again to 8:30, then 9:45, then 10:20.... By that time we were told that the reason for this extended delay was not the weather, but the fact that Delta didn't have a crew in place for the flight. Yes I realize that crew members may have been delayed from previous flights due to weather, but according to another Delta attendant (Sophia) at Gate 21, their crew was "just not there". Keep in mind that JFK is a Delta hub, and they have flight crews on standby for occasions just like this. Did they bother to call anyone up? Of course not; they would have to pay more employees! Plus this delay now was extended to 10:30pm. After 4 hours the airline (according to their own rules) should accommodate stranded passengers in hotels for the night; according to the attendant present they were going to do just that. Then the Blair Witch arrived at Gate 21. Eileen was rude, incompetent, inconsiderate, and deliberately ignored everyone asking for an explanation or accommodations (and surprisingly they were very civil). She then turns to "the annoying masses" and in a very condescending way says "Are you guys just going to stand here, because we're not boarding yet". At that point the travelers (some of who had been stranded there since 8am) just lost it. Apparently she tried to pass this off as a weather delay so she wouldn't have to issue hotel vouchers.... screw the passengers who were about to faint, or already asleep on the floor by the gate. Her bottom line was the important thing here. When I asked her why the crew wasn't there, and why we have been subjected to a five plus hour delay without any explanation or accommodation, she huffed and puffed, and walked away. Ms. Faraon is a complete waste of space, and a testament to why the airline industry is going down the tubes. It's not like she'll lose her pension if she helped us out; her pension was history sometime ago.... Delta is just nickel and diming their passengers now. Adding insult to injury, Delta planes feature cramped seating, no food (except for a shortbread cookie for flights over 5 hours), and filthy leather seats; they're cutting back on their cleaning crews as well. Nothing like getting to your seat and finding a couple of slices of pepperoni ready for you to sit on. Please avoid Delta Airlines at all costs, and if you can help it, DO NOT fly through JFK (unless it's w/ Jet Blue... they have their own terminal at least)!

This one is from "James"

Bankrupt is a good description of Delta. Once a great airline it has been mismanaged into the ground and is now on life support. Do not expect any customer service. Expect to be charged enormous fees for changing flights. Expect unhappy employees. Expect lost baggage. Expect to be put on hold for very long periods by Customer Service and to speak with non-native English speaking people halfway around the world when you do get the privilege to talk to someone. Working while traveling around the country on a plane can be a very exhausting ordeal to begin with. Nobody needs the undo aggravation and difficulty I recently endured. From what I hear I am not alone. Avoid Delta like the plague.


Janet said...

Had a confirmed flight from Hartford at 2:15 pm to Orlando booked 3 weeks in advance. Dropped off at aiport by my husband. Arrived at airport one hour ahead, checked bag curbside, was charged $20, not overweight, just a new extra charge I was not aware of. I was issued a "Seat Request" went through security quickly and to gate. At gate they are asking if anyone would voluntarily give up their seat. Flight is overbooked. By a lot. I wait at gate while they are doing this and nobody helps me. Finally they ask what I want. I ask if I can get a boarding pass. They say sit down and wait for my name to be called. I sit and wait. They board plane. They close the door. They don't speak to the passengers who are there waiting, or assist them at all. I approach ticket counter and ask what I do now. They offer a ticket for only $130 more than what I paid on their airline round trip to anywhere. No thanks. They offer a refund. Well, of course, since I didn't get my flight! Or a 7 am the next day flight, nothing I could wait there for that day at all. No thanks. Took the refund. Asked about the suitcase they checked when I didn't have a seat. Went to baggage claim to fill out form to have it returned to CT at my home address. They did ask at first for me to return to airport (2 hrs drive round trip) to get it. No thanks. Of course they sent the bag on the flight they denied me boarding. Called husband to turn around when he was almost home and come back. Stood out at arrivals in rain and wind waiting for him.
I couldn't get flight with another carrier next day as they had my suitcase and items in Orlando and waiting to come back to me.
It's the next day and no suitcase still. And i am home in CT not Orlando. So then I go online and find out they are required to give you your written rights by the DOT for oversold flights. Even on Delta's site it says they do this. They didn't! They did not help at all! And if it's over an hour delay or more for next flight (17 hours and next day in my case) there is cash compensation for the inconvenience. This is different than meals or hotel. So I call Delta to complain. Tell them the DOT requirement, yes, they know about it. I tell them next flight offered was 17 hours later so they owe me compensation. I sitll don't have my stuff either. So I wait while the person checks with supervisor. Comes back on and says no compensation. and GET THIS...take it up with the AIRPORT! I said "the airport didn't do this, your airline DID!" Now how crazy and lame of a response is that? So I told her I would document everything and put complaint in writing, not just to them, but also the DOT and FAA.
I have the policy right here, I had read it to her verbatim. They violated giving me my rights as required by DOT re oversold flights and my due compensation for leaving me stranded and suitcaseless and back at home. I will pursue this and tell everyone about this experience with Delta too. Needless to say, I will never fly their airline again!

Anonymous said...

See my horror story at:

I hope this story moves at least as far around the world as my bag did before it was returned--about *five weeks* late and after my valuables were removed from it. The sequence of facts is outrageous, as described in great detail in my Yelp review!