Friday, August 24, 2007

More letters and stories

I got this from "Thomas". This sums up many of the communications I get regarding Delta's abysmal customer service.

"I came across this blog when I was doing a search for a way to get in touch with Delta's executives so I can let them know that they are coming close to losing a good customer. I have been flying Delta for over eight years now and I have tens of thousands of frequent flier miles. Does that matter to Delta? Evidently not. In the past six months I have been insulted, ignored and lied to by Delta employees. Whan I call to complain, I get indifference or get put on hold forever until I hang up in frustration. I sometimes have to fly other airlines and the difference is like night and day. Example: I flew northwest the other day. The staff was attentive and friendly, and while we had a delay getting off the ground the pilot kept us informed as to why we were taking off late and gave us updates on the situation.

I was in the same situation with Delta a few weeks ago and we kept getting contradictory information. First it was mechanical. Then it was the weather. Then it was the fuel numbers didn't match (whatever that means). Because we were late I missed my connection (the last flight out) and had to stay the night at the airport because (this from a Delta employee) "Delta doesn't compensate passengers for weather related delays". Funny, I didn't know that mechanical problems and messed up fuel numbers were weather related.

My advice to anyone reading this: DON'T FLY DELTA. EVER. As sson as I can use up my FF miles I'm going to another carrier. BTW, thanks for letting people know how crappy Delta is. Good luck to you."

Thomas, good luck to you also. I can empathize because I've been on the receiving end of Delta's "customer service" and so have my employees. It got so bad that I now forbid my people from flying on Delta. I just couldn't afford the lost work time and stress on my employees. We now fly Continental or Northwest. I find it interesting that since we took Delta out of the mix, my employees are less stressed and are missing less days of work after travel. But, hey, that's just my opinion.


tahlmann said...

Delta is the worst-I've told our corporate travel agent over and over again not to book me on any Delta flights. Their customer service is so horrible its unbeleivable. They must send their people to school to train them to be this bad.

kikinoo said...

Go get 'em. The more people who stop flying delta the better. maybe they'll wke up when their in banrunpcy again because no one is flying their crap airline.

Anonymous said...

I can feel your pain and frustration. I'd suggest to use starwood points program and you are boss with your miles and points. There you can choose any airline to fly with you.