Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Anniversary of the Delta Customer Service Debacle

We are nearing the Anniversary of the horrific Delta customer service debacle and that means one thing: Time to send out yet another letter to Delta brass that won't be answered. I just sent it out and I'll be posting each week to let everyone know how many days (trust me, they haven't responded yet, so they won't be responding now) they go without acknowledging their terrible customer service. I'll keep you all posted.

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Jen said...

Delta left my 76 year old mother to fend for herself after her connecting flight from Palm Beach was delayed. They closed the gate to her international flight not even 5 minutes before she got there, and would not let her board. The plane was still there with it's doors all open. They said she must go to the customer service desk and reschedule for the next flight which would be over 24 hours later. They offered her a $7 meal voucher (WOW!!!) and said she must find a hotel and catch the bus there. Bearing in mind this is a 76 year old lady in a wheel chair, who has never been to Atlanta, she was supposed to only be in transit, so now she was told to find a hotel and the hotel's bus. Come on Delta!!! you morons... And they would give a 10% discount on the hotel cost!!! it was their fault for goodness sake, why should she pay the bill????
She had to wait for her bags to be taken off the international flight!!! her bags were on but they wouldn't let her on??? how does that work? During this whole situation I was on the line to Delta customer services and Atlanta airport customer services trying to find my mother (I'm sitting in Palm Beach frantically trying to find her) I had no idea if she managed to catch the plane or where she could possibly be, calling to see if the Delta ground staff assisting disable passengers could help, and throw some light on this serious situation.. I was told by the Delta Rep that if I was so worried about my mother I should be traveling with her!!How's that for a moron... he's name is Rene, of Delta customer services. What an idiot! Thank goodness and extremely helpful couple James & Frida went above and beyond helping my Mom, they took her home with them to Buckhead, Atlanta, and treated her like a queen. Today they will take her back to Atlanta to catch her international flight back home.
If anybody has elderly parents traveling, please think carefully before putting them on a Delta flight...they are not user friendly and would not hesitate dumping them and running..
Shame on you Delta.. you suck!