Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Its all my fault?

The letter you will see below is from a former Delta employee. It is obvious that their contempt for their customers is something that is coming from the top down and is instilled in their workers as a company value. Read on:

"I saw your blog today and I have to tell you that as a former Delta employee I hated people like you. You are ungrateful assholes who had nothing better to do than make my life a living hell. So you missed your connection. So what? So you had to go hungry for a night. Poor baby. So you had to sleep in an airport for a night. I'm so sorry, little princess. People like you should be loaded into a plane and crashed into the side of a mountain. You think that just because you purchased a ticket, you should be treated like Donald Trump. I hope you burn in hell."

Where do I start? First of all, I do not think that I should be treated like Donald Trump just because I bought a ticket. I do think I should be treated like a human being and not repeatedly lied to by Delta employees. Second, I didn't get to sleep in the airport. I was traveling with my laptop and carry on so I had to stay awake to watch my possessions and couldn't get a wink. And while you have little sympathy for my being hungry, I want to remind you that I was told by DELTA employees that my food vouchers were good and that the food court was open-they lied to get rid of me. Finally, I am so sorry that my mere existence is enough to wish me a fiery death. Perhaps everybody who flies Delta will follow your advice and stop wanting special treatment like being told the truth and being treated like a human being. Of course, for that to happen, they will need to start flying another airline.

BTW, it is now five days and counting since Delta got my letter. Still no response. Rudy,that starbucks is going to taste pretty good.


thelmalee said...

Why does Delta insist on hiring these crazy people? I recently went from NYC to Frankfort and was treated like I was a farm animal by their snotty staff. I'm so sorry that I ruined their day by giving money to their company SO THEY CAN HAVE A JOB. They don't need to worry anymore about me-I'll be spending my money elsewhere.

FT said...

I'm actually glad that this former delta employee (who probably now works as a DMV employee) sent you such a letter because it removes all doubt as to what impolite assholes they all are.

When someone needs to defend themselves so harshly, it's probably because the things they are being accused of are the TRUTH.