Thursday, January 14, 2010


My apologies to all who were waiting for a continuation of the story. Family problems and job changes put this blog on hiatus for too long. So let's get back to documenting what a horrible company Delta Airlines is, shall we?

After complaining for over six years (see my first post for the whole story) I received a call from the "Executive Customer Service" office of Delta. After discussing my situation a Mr. Greg Ingram proceed to tell me that I was lying and that the incident I described could not have possibly happened the way I described it. He told me that "There is no way you could have sent a letter to us for six years straight and us not respond" When I informed him that my letter to him contained copies of my FedEx receipts and eyewitness accounts of the incident (including contact info) he told me, and I quote that I was "A delusional, mentally unbalanced person".

Yes Mr. Ingram and Delta Air Lines-In your world I am delusional because I ask you to keep your promises and call you out on your lies. I am delusional because I ask for some gesture that would show me Delta looks at its customers with something other than sneering contempt.

I'll be updating this blog frequently, documenting the evil monster that is Delta and warning people not to give their money to this horrible corporation.