Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Three Days and Counting

As I told you in a previous post, "Rudy", a reader of this blog challenged me to contact Delta about their horrible lapse in customer service that prompted the creation of this blog. I just checked and FedEx delivered the package on Friday morning. They have a cover letter explaining the situation along with a copy of my original letter. They also have all of my contact information.

So, three days and counting. No response from Delta. I'm not holding my breath. I made Rudy a little bet. He seems to think that Delta will fall all over themselves to make things right. I think Delta will live up to their reputation of crapping on the customer whenever possible. A $10 Starbucks card is riding on this one.

Honestly, I hope I have to pay up. It would be nice to be treated like a human being and be told "hey, we screwed up, and we're sorry. Here's something to make it right." But given my experience and the experiences of hundreds of people who have written in with similar stories, I just don't see it happening.

Case in point: Read "M's" Opinion of Delta

I'm sure someone out there has had a trouble-free interaction with Delta but it sure as hell wasn't me.

These people are fucking morons. Plain and simple. They're dumb as a bag of hammers, box of nails or fencepost; take your pick. I speak from having suffered the unbelievably unpleasant experience of trying to use flyer miles for a pair of tickets. They made each and every step in the process as unpleasant as possible. From phone clerks that can't speak decent english or are too clueless to know when they're lying, websites that run you in circles, voice response mazes requriing endless touchtone sequences only to require verbal repeating, to... ugh, the list to too damn long to bother.

This, combined with my recent cross-country trip to San Diego where the seats rows have been packed in even CLOSER than ever, have made me decide not only to NEVER fly Delta again but to make sure everyone I know doesn't either.

Clueless phone service, rude gate and in-flight personnel and conveniently bizarre policies with impossible conditions make it completely clear, Delta doesn't give a rats ass about their customers.

Do yourself a favor, fly on ANY other airline. Just don't fly on Delta.

I understand exactly how you feel, Mr "M", I've been waiting six years to have my complaint resolved. I do disagree with the "rat's ass" comment. I don't even think they care that much.

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