Wednesday, August 8, 2007

They keep coming

I am planning a big post here in the next couple of days as soon as I sort through all the correspondence. I am overwhelmed by the number of e-mails that I have received from disgruntled Delta customers. Here is a short one I got yesterday:

From Mr "D"

On Sunday March 24,2002, myself and six of my friends had booked a flight from Myrtle Beach to LaGuardia Airport, New York. When we arrived to check in we were immediately told that the flight was overbooked and that we did not have seats on the flight. We were then told our only option was to take a Continental Airlines flight to Newark, New Jersey later that morning, otherwise we would be stranded in Myrtle Beach until Tuesday. At that point we were booked on the Continental flight, given a voucher to cover our transportation from Newark to LaGuardia and sent on our way with no instructions on how obtain transportation to LaGuardia and no compensation whatsoever for our tremendous inconvenience. We had booked a limo to take us from LaGuardia to our homes, but because of the delay (we arrived at LaGuardia a full 6 hours after we were originally scheduled to arrive)the limo was unavailable and we had to rely on family members to pick us up.

To be honest, I've been fairly satisfied with Delta in the past.I will, however, look hard for alternative airlines in the future, and you can be sure I will urge others to avoid Delta Air Lines whenever possible.

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