Saturday, August 18, 2007

I get letters..

"Randall" sent me this missive today:

I have been reading your blog with amusement and disgust. I , too used to be a loyal delta customer until they lost my luggage three times, left me stranded halfway to my destination without giving me any way to get there and took us off a plane that was ready to take off under the guise of "mechanical problems" only to turn around and fill the plane up with people going to a different destination and let it take off.

In every situation above customer service was either indifferent, rude, or downright contemptuous. Delta truly is the most horrible airline ever to exist, and their staff must have been recruited from a nazi concentration camp. These people will go out of their way to belittle and humiliate you. I will never ever fly Delta again. I will walk to my destination before I give these people another dime. I now fly continental and get treated like a real human being.

I'm glad you're letting everyone know how Delta really feels about their customers. Hopefully people will wake up and stop giving them their money. Keep up the good work.

Thanks for the encouraging words Randall.


Anonymous said...

I worked for ASA and Delta for 7 years as a ramp agent, customer service agent and trainer. I started gettin sick to my stomach after about 1 year. ASA does not care about the customer. Delta allowed ASA to abuse the customers because they made them huge amounts of money. I felt soo bad that folks paid good money to travel and we let them down. I was always gettin into trouble with ASA in ATL because I would "go over the line" in trying to help those that were put out by cxld flights. I rebooked folks on US AIR and would upgrade them to 1st, I would give out vouchers in excess of the amount that we were told to give. I gave out vouchers for hotels, transportation, and meals. I would get reprimanded weekly. I would charter buses to alternate airports so folks could at least get to their destinations. I felt so ashamed sometimes to have to represent such "scum" and deal with folks who were unaware that the ASA had no concern for them whatsoever. If you have ever read the ASA/DELTA Carrige of Contract it basically states that you pay them money, but they have no responsibility to provide you with any service whatsoever for the money you pay. It is even a act of GOD to get a refund even if it is their fault. Later I went to work fo Independence Air until they went out of business. What a breath of fresh air. It was the only Airline that I am aware of that really meant to give the customer what they paid for, and if they didn't then do whatever they could to make it right. Before they went out of business they started a policy to refund the fare for the leg you flew if they lost your luggage and did not return it to you in 12 hrs. I guess that is why they where forced out of business, because they shook things up. One thing I can say is that the pilots for ASA on a whole are on the passnegers side. You can't imagine the wheelin and dealin they try to do with flight control to get you to your destination. If the palne has a mechanical they do all they can to try to get another flown in or diverted to pick up the stranded pax. 90% of the time they fail because ASA headquarters in ATL overrides anything they try to do that cost them extra bucks. The DL employees I have met have always hated ASA for the problems they cause, but like I said before BOTTOM LINE ASA makes em a ton of money so everybody overlooks and palys down the ASA horror stories. It has got so bad in ATL that DL took over the ground ops and made all the ramp agents in ATL DL employees to try to stem the bleeding. I still think DL is okay as huge corporations go, but they have lost sight of what made them one of americas largest air carriers...the customers, and they are on a downward spiral unless they start listening to there front line, the employees. Some of them still do care and try, but it's getting to be a losing battle

millionmiler said...

Thank you so much for your comments. It is obvious that the policies that result in thousands of dissatisfied customers come from the top of the organization. Delta has instilled a culture of profits before customers and it shows in all that they do. I hope that you have found a job with an airline that treats their customers like human beings instead of expendable cattle.

Anonymous said...

After racking up tens of thousands of miles with Delta I am through. f**k those bastards. They treated me and my family like pieces of meat. They changed our flight time without notifying me then lost our luggage then lied about it repeatedly. F**k Delta f**k Delta f**k Delta.