Saturday, August 4, 2007

More stories

As promised here are a couple of more stories from the hundreds I have received over the past week. When will Delta acknowledge their poor customer service and do something about it. Almost all of the people who sent me their horror stories have told me they will never fly Delta again. How long before their available pool of suckers dries up?

Any way here are the stories as promised:

From "Ron"

I really wanted to like Delta, as I love flying Continental and would love to be able to get Continental miles while travelling to additional destinations.
But Delta is a bad airline. I fly a lot. Many airlines are decent. A few are really good. Some are horrendous. Delta is just bad. It's not the bottom of the barrel. But it's not an airline I'll come back to so easily if I can avoid it.
I've flown with them several times and none of my experiences was good.
Last time I flew was the worse.
I flew both on one of their smaller planes and on one of their larger planes and the experience was similar.
They have older airplanes, with lots of seats and very minimal leg room. The chair barely goes back. It was one of the most uncomfortable rides. At a time when all airlines are competing for business, it seems Delta prefers to get as many people onboard with little concern for comfort.
The second flight was delayed by over an hour, and talking to the Delta people, it seemed like they're used to delays.
I had to take to flights, with a connection in Utah. The first plane was a small plane, so I couldn't take carry on, onboard. When I arrived in Utah, much to my horror I discovered that my carry on's wheels were torn. I asked the Delta people to help me locate the wheels, as It was totally uncomfortable to carry a carry on in my hand, and not be able to wheel it around.
It's a new very small carry on and I was extremely angry about their mishandling of it.
When I complained at the Delta counter they told me Delta doesn't cover broken wheels. I told them, they didn't break my wheels- the whole bottom of the carry on was torn, and the wheels were missing.
The woman there was uncurtious and unhelpful and told me, it happens, but that Delta isn't responsible for things that stick out of the luggage.
I looked at her in awe, as I didn't understand what that means, except that Delta seems not to want to take responsibility for their mishandling of luggage.

Food on the plane was minimal. One could either get a granola bar, or 6 crackers. In todays world, where there are 99 cent stores that make a profit selling so much snacks. An airline being so cheap is annoying.

Their website is also not easy to deal with. They need to hire someone to make it much more user friendly.

There's a lot of competition out there, and since Delta feels that customers come last, they've lost me as a customer.

From "Tami"

June of 2007. This had to be possibly one of the worst experiences of my life. Landed very late at O'Hare because of mechanical difficulties with our aircraft so we missed our connecting flights. Since it was very late, we assumed we would be put up for the night. No such luck. When we left the plane and came up the jet way we were met by one lone Delta employee who had no idea what was going on. After asking her what sort of arrangements were made since we were stuck at the airport till morning she replied "you are on your own" and disappeared through some doors marked "employees only" needless to say, we were stunned. We spent the night in the airport and managed to get on a flight in the morning. Like millionmiler here I tried calling and writing to Delta to voice my displeasure with my treatment. Customer service was rude and patronozing over the phone and my letter to the ceo and customer service has been ignored. This made me so mad, I told our travel department not to book any more flights on Delta (I can do this since I am a VP). I do not understand how a company can stay in business when they genuinely do not care for their customers.

Tami, in my experience, Delta would rather have you go away, be unhappy, and fly another airline than do anything to make up for or acknowledge their horrible customer service. No wonder you and many other people will never fly them again.

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