Friday, August 3, 2007

Incredible response

When I sent out the call for Delta horror stories I thought that I would get maybe one or two from the friends and relative who were on the e-mail list. As it turns out the e-mails have been forwarded far and wide and I am now receiving stories from people I have never met. In short, the response has been overwhelming. I will be going through all of the e-mails and posting the best of the worst. In the meantime here are a couple of stories that caught my eye right away:

From "Tim"

I landed in Atlanta half an hour after my connecting flight to San Diego departed because they overbooked the flight in Hartford and had to re-weigh the plane. After being told the next flight was at 8am (this was about 9pm in Atlanta) I was informed by a Delta service agent that there "ain't no more hotels in Atlanta" and I would need to spend the night in that miserable airport. I was standing in line with three women who were reduced to tears by Delta customer service. They need to change their slogan to "Delta. Cry, bitch. Cry."

"Allison" writes:

Had a terrible experience with Delta about with luggage. On an international flight my luggage never arrived and Delta strung me along for the month I was travelling saying they were searching for it. They knew all along where my luggage was (remained in JFK the entire month), but it had been broken into and they couldn't put it back in transit. I caught them red-handed, had pictures and was well-documented that my luggage was identifiable to me and that it remained in their custody and control the entire time at JFK. My belongings were on their way to Arizona where they sell your possessions for pennies on the dollar. With a straight face after months of negotiation with Atlanta I was offered the Geneva Convention amount of $600 on a few thousand dollar loss from which they deducted the $200 or so that they provided to buy essentials for the month. Later, I was told by friends that DELTA stands for Don't Expect Luggage To Arrive.

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