Tuesday, September 4, 2007

The Plot Thickens...

Got a phone call from the executive office at Delta. I'll be returning the call today and will post the outcome of the call as soon as I'm done. Stay tuned....


Melody said...

Interesting..that was posted ten dats ago, did Delta come to your house to bump you off?

In all honestly I read your first post and was baffled. I wondered how anyone could hold a grudge against a company for SEVEN years. I mean, you might never fly with them again, but to start a blog, to write them every year...it seemed a little much.

Then I read all the horror stories. It sounds like some kind of Jodi Foster drama (Flight Plan anyone?).

Its funny because I always wanted to fly Delta as a kid (ah the power of branding), but my parents always got cheaper flights because...they're cheaper. I don't think we had a particular airline we flew - but we never had problems.

Anonymous said...

I feel your pain with Delta. Delta screwed me out of TONS of miles by clandestinely expiring them out when they were supposed to "never expire". And, their customer service has been so incredibly rude to me (which of course makes me more upset).

What ever happened with your situation??

Mike said...

I see you haven't updated this for over a year, but I can assure you that Delta still sucks.

I've added a link to your blog from my new blog:


Please check it out and consider adding a link back in return.

Thank you!


Pearl said...

what happened? i've just realized, or maybe it's the times i'm calling, but i called the sky miles number and regular number for reservations and i get busy tones!

Ellis said...

Share the number!

Anonymous said...

delta sucks

worst customer service in the world

if you have a problem , expect no action

Anonymous said...

delta sucks

Kyle said...

So did they kill you or what? Its been two years, Delta Still sucks, but you haven't posted anything from your mailbag.

Anonymous said...

On August 3 I left on a trip to Japan, a trip that I make every other month for business.

The day after I arrived, I received word that my mother was gravely ill and in the hospital.

When I contacted Delta (this is a Northwest flight) about changing my return, I was advised the only option for me was the purchase of a full fare business class seat for $5200 as no economy class seat was avaiable. After talking with two service agents and a supervisor, they finally agreed that I could purchase the seat for the difference between what I paid for my original ticket and the $5200 - about $3700. I could also wait until the following day and take an available economy seat for no cost.

I called and spoke with the doctor who said that it would probably be ok for me to wait a day as her situation was stable. Based on that, I decided to wait a day and return.

When I arrived at the airport, I was offered an upgrade to business class for $250. The same seat that they insisted I pay $3700 for the day before.

Upon arrival at home, I received a call that her condition had deteriorated over the night and she was now on life support.

I arrived at the hospital 30 minutes before she died.

I sent a letter to Ed Bastian that detailed my experience, dissatisfaction, and disappointment in the airline. While I'm not a millionmiler, I travel extensively for business - on the order of 80,000 miles each year. The response from Dorothy Sellers, Executive Assistant, was a non-response. Just, "To ensure the integrity of our documents, we adhere to the associated terms and conditions even if the decision to cancel or change planned travel was due to illnes or to circumstances that were unknown at the time of purchase or are beyond a customer's control".

What a crock!

I live on the west coast and use Alaska Airlines as my primary carrier for west coast travel. Last year when my wife had to travel under similar circumstances, they threw out the "rule book" and made sure she had a seat on the plane.

What I don't understand is why they fail to see the value in terms of customer loyalty they had an opportunity to secure. Had they been even the least bit accomodating, they could have had a loyal customer for life. Instead, I was met with indifference. What they have achieved instead of a loyal and very frequent flyer, is someone who will go to great lengths NOT to fly Delta.

Tae_Ki_Girl said...

No more posts? Did you ever achieve any sort of resolution?

It's Nov. 2009, and Delta still sucks. My husband and I flew with them in October, and it was the worst flight we've had. Needless to say, we won't be flying Delta again.

lucebella said...

I'm so glad I found this blog! I just had the most horrendous air travel experience of my life with Delta this past week. Customer service has responded to my emails but they refuse to refund me the 400.00 I believe I am owed. They take your money and then cancel your flight days in a row!

lucebella said...

I'm so glad I found this blog. I had the most horrendous experience of my life flying Delta this past week. Flight cancelled two days in a row, both times after boarding the plane, lost luggage, and my damn TV on the plane didn't even work...I really hate this airline.

Anonymous said...

hi, I just wanted to say that I saw your blog from googling 'delta sucks'. Our flight was cancelled so we took another airline. Arriving at our destination, we waited in line to get a refund for our cancelled flight for an hour, only to get told by the lady that it's possible that we won't get it at all. Now we've been calling for two days and they've been passing us to other people giving us numbers to call (most of them are busy), only to be told that we need to call another person. We just want our refund for the flight they cancelled.

Anonymous said...

Delta sucks ass and cock so bad. This weekend my parents were going to NYC from São Paulo (Brazil) with this shitty company and JFK was closed due to weather conditions. OK, we can't blame the snow-god for this, but what those motherfucking assholes from delta airlines did is just stupid. Two delta flights leaving São Paulo were unable to go off the airport. The first one should leave saturday night and the other sunday morning. Ok, so the snow stopped and the delta morons had just one fucking airplane to board all those fucking peopple, so they decided to send folks of the SECOND flight first and gave no perspective to the people from saturday. This is illogical. This is stupid. FUCK YOU DELTA. I hope the guy responsible for this have a painfull and slow death. I wish you get buttrapped by some african soccer team, seriously. But hey, they also said they could reallocate some of the first flight in other flights to other places in america, like CALIFORNIA! Ok, so my parents who, ONE FUCKING YEAR AGO bought tickets to NEW YORK, are gonna be sent to THE OTHER SIDE OF THE COUNTRY, and they are having to pay for another ticket to NYC from there?! Are you guys fucking kidding me???? Yeah, so my parents who have only 10 days off from work are comming back home to Porto Alegre cos they could'nt get a fucking plane because of DELTA. I have a brother in NYC, he has a
family and a baby who's 1 year old. Thanks to you stupid dickheads maybe next year my parents will have the chance to meet the baby, stupid motherfuckers. Seriously, I sincerly hope the folks responsible for this have a sad and painfull life to the end of their days. Delta go fuckyourself.

Anonymous said...

Employee blew the slide prior to takeoff in sarasota,one hour later they let us off the plane,total confusion,long lines,no compensation,rude staff,and no connections for 2 days,forcing a old man to do an all nighter like a kid.Not even a free coke.Bush league all the way,go delta,go to hell