Thursday, July 28, 2011

Earlier last month, the folks at the American Customer Satisfaction Index released their latest data for airlines and fast food restaurants. And judging by the companies that came in last in each category, being the biggest doesn't make you any better.

In last year's airline index, Delta was ranked fifth out of the seven major airlines on the list. But its acquisition of last year's worst airline, Northwest, didn't do its index score any favors. Delta's customer satisfaction index dropped a whopping 9.7% from last year. And since ACSI began keeping score in 1995, Delta has sunk an amazing 27.3%. In its heyday, Big D was second only to Southwest on the index.

How can a company continue to treat their paying customers with such contempt?


Anonymous said...

Delta truly does NOT care about what the customer feels or thinks. When I repeated back to the Customer Service person what she told me, ie if I die or become ill with something that was NOT pre-existing they would give me a refund, she hung up on me. She told me I was rude for restating exactly what she had just told me!! The insurance we took out told me the same thing. So.....the only "out" is you die and, by the way, can provide a certificate of death, or you develop some wonderful NEW disease/illness. I AM a senior citizen, so maybe there is hope?????!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I will never, ever fly them again, and the 'vouchers' are a blow off, because when you make your reservation using vouchers, the price is magically the same amount as the regular price plus voucher.
Hey, millionmiler, why don't you 'endow' your million miles to someone you hate, like a stockbroker or banker?