Thursday, January 14, 2010


My apologies to all who were waiting for a continuation of the story. Family problems and job changes put this blog on hiatus for too long. So let's get back to documenting what a horrible company Delta Airlines is, shall we?

After complaining for over six years (see my first post for the whole story) I received a call from the "Executive Customer Service" office of Delta. After discussing my situation a Mr. Greg Ingram proceed to tell me that I was lying and that the incident I described could not have possibly happened the way I described it. He told me that "There is no way you could have sent a letter to us for six years straight and us not respond" When I informed him that my letter to him contained copies of my FedEx receipts and eyewitness accounts of the incident (including contact info) he told me, and I quote that I was "A delusional, mentally unbalanced person".

Yes Mr. Ingram and Delta Air Lines-In your world I am delusional because I ask you to keep your promises and call you out on your lies. I am delusional because I ask for some gesture that would show me Delta looks at its customers with something other than sneering contempt.

I'll be updating this blog frequently, documenting the evil monster that is Delta and warning people not to give their money to this horrible corporation.


auren said...

I had some bad experiences with Delta customer service recently and I am going to write an article on ideas for them to make their customer service better.

I’d love to hear your stories.

Meme just starting now at:

Anonymous said...

I sit in the Atlanta airport and am so angry at Delta. Another example of being frustrated at how a situation is being handled, not necessarily the situation. My flight home this evening was cancelled due to weather, yet a flight in 45 minutes to the same destination is boarding and I am booked on one 3 hours later than my original, cancelled flight. Two Delta reps, on the "customer service" line and one here tell me they don't know why it was cancelled and I probably won't be told why either! What? I paid $700 for a roundtrip ticket for a funeral. I get that if you book close in you pay more - but doesn't that mean if they cancel it I at least deserve an honest response? This airline is getting worse and worse - all at a time when they could demonstrate their committment to travel and positive experiences. They don't care about the passenger - and oh yes I too am an almost-million- miler!

Anonymous said...

My biggest issue is that they don't fly anywhere direct accept Atlanta but who the f wants to go to atlanta on vacation! I'm so sick of traveling with them and taking twice as long to get to your destination .. only problem, I've got over 1M miles that I have to burn up!

Dena said...

I agree that Delta sucks. I recently called to change a flight date, and was told the total amount for the change would be $300.00. Alas, when I checked my credit card...Delta had charged me $758.00. The response from Customer Care and Relations, so sorry about the job information error, but too bad. The only offer to rectify the vouchers, for less than half of what I am owed, on an airline I NEVER intend to fly again. No offer of refund from an airline that posted over 2.4 BILLION DOLLARS in 2010 3rd Quarter profits. Hmm??? I wonder how they made all that money?? Perhaps off erroneous fees and charges. Too bad, so sad customers...just kiss off.

Anonymous said...

I was a Northwest Flight Attendant, my 4th merger,if you can all it that is Delta. I have 33years & am paid $6.00 less an hour than RD FA's(Real Delta, as they call themselves) This company SUCKS, please just don't take it out on the crews.We are just doing a job, trying to pay our bills.

Anonymous said...

My name is Greg and I went on 2 weeks of leave at the beginning of May. I booked a round trip ticket from Norfolk, VA to Kansas City, MO departing on May 5 and returning on May 15. After my fiancee and I missed our departing flight,
Delta tried to charge us 1,000 to rebook a new flight. After some haggling, we only had to pay 400. However, that's not the most recent complaint. I received an email from Expedia saying that my return flight had been cancelled. When I called Delta they told me that it is their policy that when a departing flight is missed, their computer system automatically cancels the returning flight WITH NO REFUND! So the final price of my flight home on leave for one week was over 1,300 dollars FROM MY WEDDING FUND!! I'm trying to work on a way of getting some of that money back but it looks like a lost cause. Now my goal is to make sure that everyone knows Delta airlines SUCKS!! I'm sorry to hear about your poor experience with the hell airline and I hope we can at least take some business away from them.